We’ve been asked what the VF in VF Engineering stands for…

VFEs-new-M4-and-red-couch-1080x720We’ve heard some pretty clever guesses: Vigorously Force-fed, Very Fanturbulous, Victorious Fanatics. In truth, we picked the V and F simply because the name VF-Engineering was available. The acronym doesn’t mean anything. Now what VF-Engineering stands for is far more important and it’s something no amount of clever marketing or pretty pictures can achieve.Microdata-measuring-arm-1-of-1 Every part, line of code or supercharger system that leaves with the VF label stands for the paragon in design, engineering and performance. It means your car is running the best there is. After years of spirited use, more than 93 percent of VF Supercharging Systems are still running strong, many on their second and third owners.That’s a great testament to solid design and robust fabrication. That’s what we want VFE to mean.

VF Engineering has been located in Orange County, CA for nearly 20 years now. Our facility measures some 15,000 sq-ft and includes a Mustang AWD 500 chassis dyno, 4 Hunter lifts, a big photo studio, R&D room with a rapid prototyper, and a clean room for ECU board work. We’ve also got this big-ass red couch. Not sure where it came from but it has a magical effect on cars. They always make a few extra hp when the red couch is there.red-couch-1-of-1-1080x646

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