BMW 335i & 435i 2012+

Designation F3X 335i/435i | N55B30M0 3.0 twin-turbo
Standard Output: 300hp | 300tq

Power Gains MSRP
HEX Tuning STAGE ONE: +25-35hp | +65-70tq $895
HEX Tuning STAGE TWO: +60-70hp | +100-110tq $995

    Stage TWO is intended for track and off-road use only, optimized for vehicles with Motorsport exhaust

Available now from VF dealers worldwide. | 714.528.0066 ext. 405

  1. Buy HEX Tuning Product (HEX Flash cable included)
  2. Download HEX Flash Program
  3. Use the HEX Flash cable to read and identify your software version
  4. Wait 24hrs for “Stock” and “Tuned” HEX Tuning files*
  5. Flash your car and have fun!

    *in the event your current software file version is not available, our technical department will contact you to discuss options

BMW 335i & 435i 2012+ | More POWER in a Flash!

HEX Tuning by VF Engineering delivers more than just power. It’s engineered to provide consistent and reliable performance on the street or at the track in a way that inspires confidence ever time you press the pedal. HEX Tuning for 2012+ N55 equipped BMW 3 & 4-series cars utilizes the full capabilities of your vehicles ECU to increase horsepower and torque without compromising drivability. Significant R&D combined with dynamometer and real world on-road testing guarantees optimized power delivery utilizing standard 91 and 93 Octane pump fuel.


Vehicle: 2013 BMW (F30) 335i 8-Speed | Peak Gains: 27HP | 107TQ | MAX Gains: 76HP @ 4,400 RPM | 113TQ @ 3,100 RPM
F8X Dyno Sheet


Vehicle: 2014 BMW (F32) 435i 8-Speed | Additional Mods: VRSF Downpipe | MPerf. Exhaust
Peak Gains: 58HP | 116TQ | MAX Gains: 87HP @ 4,150 RPM | 124TQ @ 3,100 RPM

F8X Dyno Sheet

This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California.This applies to any aftermarket product that does not display a CARB EO#. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynomometer model used.