M4 & M3 Cooling System

Designation F8X M3 & M4 | S55B30 3.0 twin-turbo

High Performance Radiator Options

  • Charge Cooler
  • Heat Exchanger
  • DCT Cooler
Features Our upgraded cooling program is a direct replacement to your OEM system. Utilizing factory quick connects, placement and clearance tolerance; so there's no modification needed for install.


  • "Drop in" fitment utilizing OEM "quick-connects"
  • Dual Pass design to effectively lower air temperature
  • Core size increased by 60% compared to OEM
  • "Crinkle Black" powder coat finish
  • M4 Cooling System

    2: HEAT EXCHANGER $695

  • "Drop in" fitment utilizing OEM "quick-connects"
  • Dual Pass design to allow for the lowest possible outlet temperature
  • Direct replacement OEM mounting points
  • 100% Aluminium
  • Race style drain plug
  • Removable rock guard
  • M4 Cooling System

    3: DCT COOLER $599

    Dual Clutch Transmission Cooler
  • "Drop in" fitment
  • Dual Pass high performance core
  • Proven to be 30% more efficient than OEM cooler in laboratory testing
  • M4 Cooling System


    The optimal cooling package for F8X
  • Direct upgrade to OEM system
  • No modifications needed for install
  • Achieve the lowest possible air temperature
  • Experience consistent power deliver in adverse environments
  • M4 Cooling System
    Available now from VF dealers worldwide. sales@vf-engineering.com | 714.528.0066 ext. 405