BMW M3/M4 2013+

Designation F8X M3 & M4 | S55B30 3.0 twin-turbo
Standard Output: 400hp | 390tq

Power Gains MSRP
HEX Tuning Features Only $695
HEX Tuning ZCP Performance and Features $695
HEX Tuning STAGE ONE: +60-70hp | +90-100tq $795
HEX Tuning STAGE TWO: +70-80hp | +115-125tq $895
HEX Tuning STAGE TWO+: +90-100hp | +125-135tq** $995
HEX Tuning TCU Software $295

    **Requires 100 octane or higher fuel
    Stage TWO/TWO+ is intended for track and off-road use only, optimized for vehicles with Motorsport exhaust

Available now from VF dealers worldwide. | 714.528.0066 ext. 405

  1. Buy HEX Tuning Product (HEX Flash cable included)
  2. Download HEX Flash Program
  3. Use the HEX Flash cable to read and identify your software version
  4. Wait 24hrs for “Stock” and “Tuned” HEX Tuning files*
  5. Flash your car and have fun!

    *in the event your current software file version is not available, our technical department will contact you to discuss options

BMW F8X M3 & M4 | More POWER in a Flash!

• Increased Horsepower
• Increased Torque
• Improved Throttle Response
• OEM Like Drivability & Smoothness
• Upgradable Stage Levels
• User Controlled Program Switching
• GTS Top Speed Limiter (Set to 192mph)
• GTS Sport Display Power Level
• GTS Start-up Sequence “Roar”
• GTS* Throttle Overrun “Exhaust Burble”
• GTS* Oil Fill Level – For Track Use

HEX Tuning by VF Engineering delivers more than just power. It’s engineered to provide consistent and reliable performance on the street or at the track in a way that inspires confidence every time you press the pedal.

The HEX Tuning software upgrade for the S55 3.0L turbocharged engine found in the F8X M3 & M4 is a proper ECU re-calibration that works in conjunction with the ECU’s self diagnostic and safety features, including but not limited to, advanced OEM knock detection. This approach not only allows for more consistent and reliable power than “piggyback” tunes, it also ensures that the ECU functions as originally intended while providing noticeably increased horsepower and torque delivery even with different fuel qualities, under a wide range of driving conditions, and in various climates around the world.

HEX Tuning software by VF engineering is expertly calibrated over many months of testing, both on the road for real world results, and in-house on our Mustang AWD and DynoJet 2WD chassis dynamometers. Each Stage power level is engineered to provide increased horsepower and torque across the entire rev range by optimizing ignition timing, boost pressures, cam timing and vanos settings, throttle maps, and many other calibration tables in within the ECU to function in absolute synchronicity. At this time, your ECU will need to be removed and shipped to our facility for 24 hour turnaround service. For a list of authorized VF Engineering / HEX Tuning dealers near you, feel free to e mail or call us directly at:


HEX Tuning STAGE ONE vs STOCK | 2016 BMW (F82) M4 (DCT)
F8X Dyno Sheet

HEX Tuning STAGE ONE vs STOCK | 2016 BMW (F83) M4 (6MT/Manual)
F8X Dyno Sheet


HEX Tuning STAGE TWO vs STOCK | 2016 BMW (F82) M4 (DCT)
F8X Dyno Sheet

HEX Tuning STAGE ONE vs STAGE TWO | 2016 BMW (F82) M4 (6MT/Manual)
F8X Dyno Sheet


HEX Tuning STAGE TWO+ vs STOCK | 2016 BMW (F82) M4 (6MT/Manual)
F8X Dyno Sheet

HEX Tuning STAGE TWO+ vs STAGE TWO | 2015 BMW (F80) M3 (DCT)
F8X Dyno Sheet

This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California.This applies to any aftermarket product that does not display a CARB EO#. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynomometer model used.